Eva Faye Organic Being charcoal drawings

The Drawing Center Oslo, Norway Charcoal drawings which create images of
psychological states with their organic darkness.

In Eva Faye’s charcoal drawings organic shapes grow from a soft and mysterious darkness. The motifs range between the familiar and the unknown. A piece of life under the microscope an ear canal or a snail shell, details from the natural world of plants, sexual organs - or an unknown landscape.

The New York - based artist’s exhibition at the Drawing Center consists of a series relatively large drawings where the compositions are whole and finished, including smaller works that create a whole by being hung close together.

There is a feeling of free-floating microuniverses uniting the drawings with a distinct presence, rather than depicting something concrete, even if the small drawings refer more strongly to the close up look in microbiology shown as a part of a larger whole.

Faye’s abstractions carry within them the bodily. The biomorphic drawings not only
associate with, they insist on an inner cosmic world. In this way they create pictures of psychological and bodily conditions ; vulnerable, sensous and only half known.

Lotte Sandberg
Aftenposten Oslo, Norway, March 1998